This isn’t something I can easily talk about. But if we’re talking about someone like me, I feel like you can’t leave out the story of my hyung. After coming here, I really feel like you’re my family. So I feel like I’m able to comfortably tell you.



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How Go Boktae finally got revenge…


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FNC, or rather, efenshi boys can’t even pronounce their own company’s name geez

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typical morning melodrama reaction

awkward Jonghyun is AWKWARD!!!

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[INFO] 140729 JYJ’s “JUST US” Album Information + List of Online Stores



1. “JUST US”
(Composed by 박 일 / Arranged by 박 일)

(Lyrics by 김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Composed by김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Arranged by김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Guitar 이성열 / Drum 강수호 / Piano & Keyboards 김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Chorus 김태완)

3. “LETTING GO” – lyrics written by Junsu, rap making…

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Minhyuk's Best Moments on Crime Scene Episode 10
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